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Useful Hazmat Links

        Electronic Information Resources 1

        Electronic Information Resources 2

Haz Mat Mike Podcast Edition 30

Haz Mat Mike - South Bay Show

Ethanol Training Site

Water Pollutant Tool

Boom Techniques 

The Portable Under-Flow Dam

Haz Mat Mike - South Bay Show 2

Haz Mat Mike Podcast Edition 37

Hazardous Materials Waste Containers

29 CFR 1910.120 (Q) -Regulatory Overview

CRW-Chemical Reactivity Worksheet

State Environmental Resource Locators


Chemical Access Data Tool under TSCA

CAMEO Chemicals

ChemTrec Videos

National Safety Information Exchange

New Response Videos "Variety"

Ebola contacts; regulations and CDC recommendations

Ebola Waste Removal and Emergency Shipping Permit

Ebola Medical Waste Management

Ebola Frontline "OutBreak"

Remediation Overview

History of Chemical Weapons

Department of Environmental Quality Michigan

Methamphetamine Clandestine Lab Information

Methamphetamine Video

Methamphetamine Documentary

Mesothelioma / Asbestos Information

TRI - for Communities (new residential!)

WHO - World Health Organization (Ebola)

Trans-caer FREE Railcar online Training!

New Haz-Mat Video

New Bio-Weapons Video

Royal Society of Chemistry Periodic Table of the Elements - Great Site!

CERCLA Access to document

SDS Access and updates