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I was recently contacted by a reader for an article correction. I began to think, what a great online community we have! When helpful readers and SME's feel comfortable to communicate with me to make our understanding of various principles more correct in every aspect of description, I feel blessed with a readership of your caliber. I truly appreciate this and hope more of you will contact me with comments and or ideas, you can never tell where they may lead.

Then I realized how great would it be to offer a list of the current information I collect for research directly to the web readers in bulk? This way, they can look at specific areas of interest to them. I started collecting these due to the answering of various “Quora” questions having to do with hazardous materials and other interests of mine. So, Included is my current list, along with explanative following. I hope these prove as interesting and fact formative to you as they have been beneficial to me,

         Haz Mat Mike

Recycling costs, types, some solutions

U S soil quarantine map for issues with indigenous species/ waste

The fight against plastic/movie

System 001 learnings updates on flaws

Issues with single stream collection

coalition to end plastic waste

recycle preparations

more on rinsing technique

Environmental benefits of recycled plastic

Drinking water treatability database

History of Plastic

climate change talking points

How whales impacted the system 001

Micro-plastic Soup

Melting glaciers cause 25 to 30% of sea level rise Eco Watch Website

The plastic tide by NPR

Weather Channels new climate change video!

"World's deepest waters becoming 'ultimate sink' for plastic waste," 

 "Creatures in the deepest trenches of the sea are eating plastic,"

"Stomach Of Dead Whale Contained 'Nothing But Nonstop Plastic,'"

"More than 8.3 billion tons of plastics made: Most has now been discarded," 

 "Eight Million Tons of Plastic Dumped in Ocean Every Year," 

Current state of plastic waste current Earth day results 4/20/2019

How to talk about climate change so people will listen!

11 years to bigger impact!

The best recyclers in the world!

decline in empathy causes more anger from lonely isolated people!

coral reef betterment

movie on plastic pollution

The road to relaunch system 001 updates and corrections

read system updates for 001 repairs and improvements


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