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Haz Mat "Specialist Course"
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Details Spring/Summer Haz Mat "Specialist" Course for 2016

This month as registration season for the spring/summer session is upon us, we take a break in the Foam series to present to those interested the Regulatory course for Hazardous Materials “Specialist.” This course is on-line and has been created from the 29 CFR 1910.1200 standards. Appreciate local ordinances should be applied to your specific situation. This course is the culmination of study for management personnel that respond to, or are in charge of their companies’ response to a Hazardous Materials Incident. ALL management personnel in command of their group activities should have this training. The course focus is around management decision making as these people need skill in Hazardous Materials Response to be able to make the correct choice for all involved.

Come join us this Spring/Summer! The future will depend on you!

If you have ANY questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at thank you for your consideration, I hope this helps.

The hazardous materials specialist workshop (OSH 4180) is delivered online and on campus, and is limited to the first 12 students. Upon satisfactory completion of this workshop the student will receive a Certificate of Training.


The workshop consists of reading assignments, research papers, video exercises and online discussion boards. Upon completion of at least 24 hours of training, students should:

• Demonstrate a thorough knowledge of hazardous materials classification, identification and verification by using advanced survey instruments.

• Be able to plan and implement the local, county and State jurisdictional emergency response plan.

• Demonstrate the proper selection and use of specialized chemical personal protective equipment (PPE)

• Demonstrate proper scene set-up, coordinate specialized control, containment and confinement operations for any incident site.

 PREREQUISITES In order to register for the workshop you must have either:

• An approved Hazmat Technician Certificate, or

• Completed Madonna’s Hazmat II course.


Take this opportunity to gain skills in preparing for, responding to, mitigating and recovering from natural, manmade and technological incidents. While the duties of a Hazardous Materials Specialist (HMS) parallel those of hazardous material technicians, they also require more specific knowledge of the various substances an HMS may be called upon to contain and mitigate. The HMS also acts as the site liaison to federal, state, local and other government authorities with regard to all site activities. Commonly in command of all hazmat field operations, the HMS oversees operational integrity.


Offered May 9 – July 25, this class is online with two on-campus meetings.

Tuition is $1,170 for the non-credit program, and $1,860 for degree-seeking students. A $70 registration fee applies to both. Register online at or by phone at 734-432-5400 ext. 8


Paul DeNapoli, Dir. Fire Science, EM and OSEH programs 734-432-5523 or 800-852-4951 (ex 5523)

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