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Foam 111.2 Storage and Compatibility

          The compatibility of various Foam concentrates to be used together under standard applications during an incident is usually not a major issue. However, please note that if this becomes a situation where the incident need overrides prudence, there will be some performance issues. Mixing use of various Foam types is generally not recommended for this exact reason. But storage of these various types in the same container(s) is prohibited. This practiced is referenced many times throughout the literature and is a recipe for disaster. Foam concentrates are designed NOT to be stored in the same container as concentrate contamination will result. Opened containers not used on the incident are best used for future training evolutions. They should be used within the next training cycle as opened containers also have a drastically reduced shelf life for effective use.

          Tank materials, whatever the size also have issues. If you are removing concentrate from its original shipped container and placing it in a deployable equipment tank, all of the time regulated and atmospheric testing recommendations must immediately take effect. Be sure that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions for sample taking, lab testing, and tank lid securing to insure proper eduction and application during an incident. Lastly, older “galvanized” tank materials should NEVER be used for any type of Foam concentrate storage. This material causes sediment corrosion which will inhibit eduction and possibly cause harm to pump systems.

          Foam concentrate storage should be planned BEFORE tactics are placed in service. The key factors are;

          1] Storage location

          2] Storage temperature

          3] Container material

          4] Facility quantity

          5] Rapid repletion and replenishment

          By following these and the recommended practices for storage and compatibility from you manufacturer, the shelf-life of your Foam concentrate can be expected to be met, and in most cases, exceeded. These practices will ensure that during an emergency incident your Team will have a successful outcome.

                     Haz Mat Mike

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