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Foam 109.2 Blended Fuels

Blended fuels combine polar solvents with internal combustion fuels to create a homogenous mixture that reduces impact on our environment. Minimal separation reduces engine issues for prolonged storage inside fuel tanks.

The varying levels of percentage (%) combination of these polar solvents allow “tweaking” of fuel ratio concentrations for a variety of engines to reduce all emissions. These “varying” differences can have an impact on flammable liquid fire suppression techniques especially when Foam concentrates are being used.

The effect of varying concentrations of polar molecules to hydrocarbon fuels causes blended fuels to;

1] Burn hotter

2] Varying vapor pressure

3] Surface tension change

4] Polar attractiveness changes

The NFPA Foam application methods will have to accommodate these changes. When using any of the three (3) types, be aware of such variables as Foam reserve volumes, Foam concentrate type, and the design/purpose of the Foam concentrate you have chosen for your operation. Are you suppressing vapors or extinguishing flame? These may affect your operational procedure.

Having trained personnel as opposed to relying on a fixed system will increase your operational capabilities in most incidents. The trained operator can adapt to issues and concerns as he/she sees them forming to get the desired result. Keeping personnel “up-to-date” towards changes and new trends will ensure a successful mitigation outcome for your emergency.

                             Haz Mat Mike


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