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What do you believe?

What do you believe?

The limited ability of our earth to absorb toxins and bio-convert those to human assets will ultimately destroy the ecosystem as a function of when, not if. Such as the photosynthetic process with exchange rates vs. load produced by human activities being in focus. Economic increases looked at from the perspective of long term assets gain; as opposed to immediate cash flow that negatively affects the environment. Trickle down finances only benefit IF they are allowed to leak down. Profit margins need reinvestment INTO systems rather than wealth “pocket cash.”

The bottom-line element that needs revision by American society is the concept of personal wealth. How much is enough? The answer is not more. Ancient Societies have regarded the collection of more than you can use as a form of mental illness. The reasoning played out countless times becomes the format for how this occurs. Want draws greed, greed creates desire, desire breeds power, and finally power is control. When control is used for self-interest, the illusion of increased want becomes a marketable reality... This cycle literally runs out-of-control into oblivion. This “system” is how the varying degrees of the 1% confine 98% of the wealth in this country.

Rather than confining this personal wealth, it should be re-invested in the environment/people as a whole. By allowing the masses to benefit from this wealth, a stronger, cleaner, more environmentally sustainable community will evolve. This community will in turn idolize its leaders for their empathy. Great leaders are revered through legacy by what they leave behind for the community benefit. Great leaders are followed by the general condition they have improved.

Overall economic/environmental “wealth” occurs to the ecosystem when “sustainability” is reached that provides “balance” between use and restoration. This increases the standard of living for everyone. Wealth is not financial in nature. WE must ask ourselves, “What do you believe?” Is my “happiness” really dependent on material gain? When I obtain a material item, am I satisfied? Why does this satisfaction not last? Why must I immediately set out after another item?

Experiences with friends and family are the source of satisfaction.

If you embrace this conceptual change, ask yourself when making purchases, “Do I want this or do I need this?” If your answer is “want” you are suffocating your satisfaction or (happy) by burying it beneath a pile of material goods.

The system that continually causes the earth’s environmental woe is not wrong, the “concept is.” Eliminate “want” for Environmental “need” for a sustainable future. Then we can concentrate clean-up on past mistakes.

Think, before doing. What do you want to be known for? What do you want to leave behind? Do you want to be part-of-the-solution?

You can easily prove this idea with a simple test. Remove one small “want” from your daily life each week. At the end of every month assess mental health, physical health, and how much better you feel about yourself. As you see the positive change, you will “need” to continue this practice from month to month!

Send us your experiences via email at or comment on this writing below.

We can discuss your successes and challenges, good luck!

                      Haz Mat Mike

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