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Environment Reclaimed

     History and their events have placed us in the current negative position we are in. Environmental pollution from the past WWII years and following industrial revolution has created the contamination in both hazards and greed. As this system is now in place and has functioned well for the few and powerful at the expense of the many and powerless, the solution to this problem is held in the future generations. It is up to the internet generation to demand from its government exactly “what” the future will hold. Is it to be power for the elite, or the equality of sharing for the working class? All those more internet savvy than I, are responsible for their own future and their children’s’ future.   

     Post WWII created an industrial revolution that bettered the quality of life in the United States. But, it also did many other things. It created a power structure that accumulated so much wealth, that money no longer became the commodity of desire. It was now power, that was sought. With more cash accumulated than any one person needed, the only untapped “well” of value became the ability to control humans by regulating their prosperity. This “operational plan” directs the elite financial power brokers decisions. Do not believe, that they thought contaminants dumped into a river would not cause consequences. Do not believe, that they thought dumping raw products onto farmland would not affect your food. They do however, believe you might. Environmental scientists have an adage; “If it’s not river or lake water, it doesn’t go in the river or lake”. “If it’s not farm soil, it doesn’t go on farm land”.

     The lack of solar, wind, and hydroelectric power development in this country should have you chagrinned. The power elite control the utilities and oil that are so integral to their wealth and power base. They will continue to attack sustainable energy concepts to secure their power-based control.  Workers had believed in this, as we had been promised a future of “shared” prosperity. We now know this too was a lie.

     The internet and its generation has released a “cracken” of opportunity for a call to arms to repair this damage. The elite have contaminated our environment, solely for their individual greed. During WWII there existed National materials rationing and sacrifice at home for the war effort. Now these “elite” are attempting to continue this sacrifice for the fueling of their greed and their excess.

     There are only two {2} ways our generation and future generations can remove this off balanced system of corruption.

1] The internet generation must rid themselves of excess and overage. Stop buying absolutely any item you do not need to survive. The elite’s base of power comes from excess expenditures made by all of us. Reduce your fuel usage to the very minimum. Eliminate “packaged” food stuffs, patronize fresh farm products. Utilize transportation that is sustainable, or powered physically by you. Bike or walk to work, take the bus or train, demand recycling use of ALL materials and refuse to purchase anything that has not been certified as “green”. Any business demonstrating these practices will have ISO 14000 certification. By shutting down the elites “operational plan” you stifle their wealth, thus reducing the financial control over you. The “trickle-down” defense of their “operational plan” is an illusion. No longer will they control prices that you must pay, because they will no longer “control” the only market to purchase in. Thinning their wallets is the only tactic that affects their “operational plan”.

2] The internet generation MUST become actively involved in the political system. Pressure must be placed on every politician, over every decision, made in your behalf. Doggedly pursue them to give you the sustainable services and energy sources you demand. The internet generation has been responsible for many corrupt governments collapse in the summer of 2011. The control you now have through internet inter-connectivity extends around the globe. Organize, protest and demand change. This coupled with your cast vote on every issue will affect change! When we do as our predecessors from the WWII era, by sacrificing time and energy we will mobilize a cultural change that benefits sustainable energy and the environment. Our environment cannot survive as a dumping ground for the wealthy elite.

                                                      Haz Mat Mike   

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