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Wednesday Madonna Team

     You can see from the Wednesday Madonna Team that Decontamination line set-up in itself is a positional choice. Always remember, there are no absolute decontamination CRC’s there are only better to the opinion of the team overall. Wednesday decided that a positional location on the asphalt would be more to their advantage.

     This team decided that in an unknown situation even though the situation was “thought” to be a methamphetamine lab, a prudent choice would be to do the initial ID and assessment in level “A”. Ultimately excessive, this was the safer choice when dealing with unknowns. After identification is made the decision to downgrade your level of protection can then be made if appropriate for the situation.


     After prioritization, Wednesday also made the correct choice to isolate and separate the oxidizers and fuels “first”. When dealing with multiple hazards the prioritization becomes more difficult. Ultimately, your personnel hazards that chemical PPE “WILL NOT” protect your team against are in this order; 1] shock sensitive explosions, 2] chemical reaction explosions, and 3] fire. You get this data from your monitoring equipment and your information resources. Remember, the site gets mitigated “BUT” more importantly, everyone goes home at night. It was correctly found that level “B” was appropriate for Mitigation.

     An improvement to the scenario would be to give greater care when assessing hazards. Three unknowns in white containers were miss-identified. This too, comes with experience. Until correct identification has been completed, safe prioritization cannot begin. The fourth step of “environment” would now be to give options to the sites owner on remediation of the remaining site, to return it to use. This usually involves contacting the EPA, researching RQ levels of the hazards found and mitigated, and finally arrangement of resources to perform the needed work.

                                                                 Haz Mat Mike

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