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Haz Mat "Specialist Course"
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     The “Haz-Kat” kit is an analytical toolbox of test devices to systematically determine which family a chemical contaminant fits into. With this information the haz-mat responder can at least determine what type of immediate hazards he or she is up against. This is an older detection type of device which has a number of benefits in the field. For long term field operations or remote locations, simplicity is best and will never fail you. Battery driven devices have re-charging issues, spent filters, and software foul-ups, all of which render the unit useless. Small chemical reactions and test paper type never fail so long as your inventory is complete. You can customize your Haz-Kat for whatever chemical family type you may frequently respond to as mitigator. My example is formatted for criminal chemical laboratory responses.

     The following is a step by step procedure I use when responding to clandestine methamphetamine drug lab scenarios. It gives the responder a step by step guide to determine all the commonly found chemicals you will be mitigating on a lab site. You can always add more in your Haz-Kat, just remember, if it does not get used it will get in your way. Click here to download. As long as you can determine the appropriate family the chemical belongs to, you can over-pack it in its proper container with the appropriate hazardous waste label for shipment.

     Following the step-by-step procedure is the actual inventory of my “kit”. If you expect to stay out in the field for longer than a few days, always take reserves for all disposable items. Manual tools eliminate some of the aforementioned challenges but you still always should have back-up supplies on hand.

     Safety on-site is achieved by the operational tactic of separation and isolation. After you have determined the chemical family of your contaminants, you can eliminate a step by isolating and separating right into their pre-determined hazard over-pack containers.

                                          Haz-Mat Mike


 Click here to download HC Inventory

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