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Cool Environmental Solution

     I believe as hazardous materials responders we are always part of the solution. Whether the response is environmental, fire, or EMS, we are always improvising solutions to our immediate problems in order to save lives. While National Foam responds to fire or hazardous materials vapor suppression incidents, they too improvise solutions to save lives. Whether it is with an impressive array of Foam solutions, portable equipment or stationary fixed systems, now they can tackle the environment. While this solution may not be Haz Mat response, it’s just plain cool.
     Several years ago, ACT Inc., specializing in lake restoration purchased a portable eductor for a unique device they were developing. Their machine was designed to apply environmentally sound chemicals to the lake bottoms containing an overabundance of weeds or algae. The chemicals involved, when mixed together, formed a “flock” which settled on the lake bed, inhibiting the germination and growth of nuisance vegetation.
     Only one problem, the application of these chemicals had to be mixed under water to be effective. ACT’s concept was to construct a floating platform with the device mounted underneath. It consisted of two, above deck mounted feeder {distribution} pipes, one for each chemical, and one mixing pipe. The two chemicals were applied by small spray nozzles inside the mixing pipe. As the sprays mixed, the “flock” was created and settled to the lake bottom.
     When ACT designed the original device, they contacted National Foam for an effective proportioning unit for this system. The end result was an eduction device that proportioned the chemicals from drums on the floating platform and carried them in the proper quantities into the two feeder pipes.
     After this success, ACT ordered a second eductor for yet another application device. So, while nuisance lake vegetation continues to threaten our lakes, National Foam continues to respond to our environment. See, I told you it was cool.

Haz Mat Mike

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