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Haz Mat Mike

Incident Response Specialist


Haz Mat Mike’s expertise in Hazardous Materials Emergency Mitigation and Environmental Engineering combines implementation with rescue for the most difficult of situations. Haz Mat Mike is one of the core Instructors responsible for the development and creation of the Michigan State Police/Hazardous Materials Training Center. He has created and delivered various specialty programs throughout the training center since 1987. He responds as a Hazardous Materials Specialist for the County Hazardous Materials Team. His professional expertise is a vital contribution to the client’s successful and safe operations.

Professional Experience: 

Haz Mat Mike serves as Adjunct Faculty in higher education facilities throughout Michigan, such as, Oakland Community College, Oakland University, Michigan State University and Madonna University. Haz Mat Mike was featured as a presenter at the First State Hazardous Materials Convention at Crystal Mountain, involving Dry Decontamination, LEPC planning and Methamphetamine Clandestine Drug Lab Response. Haz Mat Mike has authored various articles focusing on Philosophy, Environmental Technology, Haz-Mat, Bio-weaponeering, and Response to Terrorism. His on-site response has mitigated all types of events, throughout Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, Indiana, and West Virginia while instructing at facilities throughout the United States and Canada.


  • National Foam Factory Trained Instructor-Vapor Suppression of Hazardous Materials
  • Certified Hazardous Materials Manager
  • MSP/HMTC- Waterway Confinement/Mitigation of Petroleum Spills
  • MSP/HMTC-Railcar Bonding & Grounding for Hazardous Transfer
  • DEA/Clandestine Drug Lab Remediation
  • Methamphetamine Clandestine Drug Lab Mitigation Team Leader
  • Interstate Tanker Fire Response